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There’s no doubt that there are some really great knives on the market. But how do you know which ones to get? How can you make the decision to buy an expensive knife versus the cheapest set you find at a store? The benefits of a high-quality knife are endless. It provides with a better, longer lasting edge that can cut through anything.
Brands such as MAC, Shun, and Wusthof are well known to even novice cooks. Japan and Germany are well known for creating best knives. Most manufacturers from these companies create a variety of lengths and sizes to fit any user. Another thing to remember when looking at this list is how long these knives last. This will help you justify the price if you need to.

Wusthof Classic Ikon Knife

First on the list is the 7-inch santoku from Wusthof, the second largest knife maker in Germany. It is a family owned company that has been open for 200 years and counting.
This particular knife, however, is chosen for its curved Ikon handle that has been known to give users a better grip. This also means that this knife is suitable for a range of users. If you are new to the world of quality chef grade knives this may be a fit for you.
Because it is a santoku it gives you the likeness of a traditional Japanese knife. This means that it has the right weight without being extremely long. It should also be a lot thinner and lighter to handle. Similarly, to other knives made by the brand, this one is fully forged with a full tang. The difference is this one does not host a bolster.

Shun Classic Chef Knife

One of the most popular brands in Japan, this 8-inch chef’s knife originates from their flagship classic line. It has a beautiful wave pattern found on the blade but this blade boasts a very sharp edge. A thin hardcore blade creates the edge and on outside lines 32 layers of a swirly softer steel.
This knife comes equipped with a distinctive Pakkawood handle that is similar to traditional Japanese knives. Certain chefs will be better suited for this type of handle as it has a unique D-shaped design.

If you’re looking for a light and easy to handle blade the Shun is your best option over the Wusthof.
Both knives are great for those with smaller hands but also good for chefs and cooks with large hands.
The handles are streamlined and less bulky.
More expensive knives of better quality last longer and with a knife that can last for over 30 years can help to justify the price being paid.

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